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Huayu Optoelectronics is a technology-oriented production enterprise, as an excellent supplier of WDM wave division devices, Huayu focuses on the display of AAWG-based arrayed waveguide gratings and optical switches, attracting the United States, Canada, Germany, the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia and many other international buyers of concern and inquiries, including many old customers, through face-to-face light and Huayu Optronics more in-depth cooperation. Wu Xingshui, general manager of Huayu Optronics, said that OFC is the largest, most professional, and cutting-edge technology exhibition in the world. We can see here the new technology, new standards promoted by the various giants at the technology exchange. Here is the discovery and display of new products. The best territory of new technology, here worthy of the optical communications industry, "wind vane." Here with the exchange of peers is a brainstorming, here with the competition has a feeling of meeting the opponent. Wu said that through the exhibition, Huayu Optronics won more customer intention orders, is a very perfect display. The next step: the chief executive told the editor:its more end customers on OFC, and they usually want to know more than just one product, and they want to get a more complete solution. Fortunately, we work with Hilink. so Huayu optoelectronics thinks that many times we need to have passive devices to solve customer problems. In addition, customers are most worried about quality issues, but Huayu photoelectric with the historical accumulation of cases and certification quickly dispelled the customers doubts. Huayu Optronics has been sticking to the quality line since its establishment, through its own excellent R & D team in product design, coupled with strict quality control, Huayu Optronics has been using design and quality to win customer loyalty. In addition to product stability in design, technology and quality, Huayu Optronics also has a keen grasp of the market. Before 2014, Huayu Optoelectronics dominated CWDMs, rings and isolators, and as the market changed, Huayu had a keen sense of market smell. Huayu Optronics to quickly develop new products to obtain a new market. For example, TFF and thermal AWGs have excellent thermal stability and can be used in high-end areas, such as metropolitan area network and long-distance DWDM optical fiber communication system. Overall, in this years OFC, Huayu Optronics did show its edge as an excellent technology company, the future performance in the overseas market is definitely worth looking forward to.

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